Support for HIVACAT Research

The road towards developing an effective vaccine against HIV is fraught with difficulties, and only a high quality ongoing research programme can ensure that the necessary tools are obtained to achieve this great scientific breakthrough. At HIVACAT, we are working intensely at both a local and international level to obtain this goal, but often funding is one further obstacle to achieving our aims.

The availability of funds for the development of vaccines against HIV is of crucial importance at the present time, and will have a direct impact on developing countries.

Donations received will go towards financing research projects related to HIV, in particular the development of a low cost HIV vaccine, easily accessible to all sectors of the population.

In its Sydney Declaration, The International AIDS Society (IAS) – the organization that coordinates the treatment and prevention of HIV on a global scale – encouraged all public and private financial institutions to guarantee that at least 10% of budgets allocated to HIV-related projects went specifically towards funding research.